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Ķivere Stage6 MK2, M-Size
artikuls - 

The Stage6 Helmet Racing MK II is a top quality full face helmet by Stage6, now available in a new and improved version with replica race design.

Unlike its predecessor, it comes with in-built sunshades that can be lowered when the sun is shining. There is no need to wear sunglasses or get a second tinted visor!
It also comes with a clear anti-fog anti-scratch visor which can also be purchased individually, also in a black tinted and a chrome version.

Ventilation was improved to reduce heat build-up and to pull humidity out of the helmet. The lining is soft and pleasant to the skin for maximum comfort, even when wearing the helmet for a long time.

The helmet is fastened with a quick release buckle, but it can be replaced with a 2D-ring buckle.

It has ECE R 22-05 homologation meaning it can be worn when riding on public roads.

Sizes: S to XL
Colour: white / orange / black
Weight: ± 1,450g


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Artikuls S6-0836/M
Ražotājs Stage6
Svars 1.600 kg
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